Boundless Expands Impact, Launches Unique Whole-Person Healthcare Center for Critically Underserved I/DD Populations

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Sept. 7, 2021/PRNewswire/ — I Am Boundless, the leading non-profit provider of person-centered care to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and behavioral health challenges for more than 40 years, has responded to the critical need for personalized health care services in this underserved community by launching its newest addition to the Boundless family – Boundless Health.

Boundless Health will be the first healthcare center in Ohio offering dedicated whole-person, integrated primary, dental, behavioral and mental health care for people with I/DD and other complex needs. The organization is also committed to providing whole family care and support as needed to its patients’ families, parents, guardians, caregivers and others in the local community.

“We have known for many years that there is an incredibly large gap in traditional health care when it comes to caring for and treating these at-risk populations,” said Dr. Patrick Maynard, president and CEO of Boundless and Boundless Health. “Boundless Health is an essential additional line of service to those served by Boundless, and we have an obligation to deliver personalized health care to them, without limitations.”

Data gathered from previous Boundless client experiences show healthcare delivery and treatment for its clients is more effective when services are integrated and coordinated. “We discovered we could have a tremendous impact on bridging the disparity gap; we had to move forward,” added Maynard.

When compared to the general population, those with I/DD and other complex needs face up to 16 years less lifespan and 1.7 times more hospitalizations, and they are prescribed four times more medications. Healthcare services are critical to this underrepresented population as 12.4% of this specific demographic accounts for more than 36% of all U.S. healthcare costs.

Boundless Health’s business plan focuses on quality outcomes rather than volume. For example, the healthcare center will have carefully designed peaceful physical environments that are aesthetically pleasing, quiet and conducive to an individual’s needs. Staffing and schedule plans deliberately allow thoughtful time with every patient.

Years of serving this at-risk population has illustrated the critical limitations that exist in accessing appropriate quality health care. To fill this void, accomplished healthcare leaders from multidisciplinary backgrounds have joined Boundless Health:

Anna Wuerth, executive director, leads and manages the daily operations and staff of the health center and primary care clinics. She collaborates with the chief medical director and other senior staff to implement the organization’s strategic and operational plan, fulfilling Boundless Health’s mission and vision.

Dr. Cindy Ripsin, a board-certified family medicine physician and medical director, provides leadership and direction to clinical staff and executes overall goals of the health center and primary care clinics. She also provides high-quality, evidence-based medicine by partnering with patients and family members to empower them to reach their highest potential, fulfilling Boundless Health’s mission and vision.

Dr. Nithya Ramanathan has served the Boundless community since 2014. Now, as director of psychiatry for Boundless Health, she provides outpatient psychiatric services to children, adolescents, adults and patient families and caregivers affected by I/DD and behavioral challenges. She has a passion for teaching and working collaboratively with counselors, nurses and care coordinators as an advocate for complete integrated care for the I/DD population.

In addition, Boundless Health will partner with The Ohio State University’s Nisonger Center to provide dental care to its patients.

To further extend its reach to other individuals with I/DD and behavioral health challenges in the United States, Boundless Health also plans to partner with highly respected medical facilities and universities to share best practices among similar communities.

“Our growth plans include not only geographic expansion and partnerships, but also enhancing our healthcare services to include specialty practices, such as gynecology, dietetics, hearing loss and other medical services to provide customized care, as well as expanding our technology to bring traditional and specialty services to where they are needed,” said Anna Wuerth, executive director of Boundless Health.

Based on the identified needs of those they serve, Boundless Health intends to offer select mobile services in rural and underserved geographic areas to improve accessibility for those who may not have the ability to travel to the health center.

To the families who have struggled for many years with barriers to accessing individualized, well-coordinated and effective health care and services, Maynard has an important message. “We’ve heard you. We have created a place where you can come for medical care knowing there’s an entire team who truly understands your needs.”

ABOUT BOUNDLESS Founded in 1980 as Franklin County Residential Services, Boundless has grown from a modest organization into a dynamic family of non-profit companies spanning more than 50 Ohio counties providing children, adults and families with I/DD and behavioral health challenges the freedom and opportunity to live boundless lives. The organization provides whole-person care, including residential support and vocational habilitation, autism services, psychiatry, counseling and other resources to underserved populations, celebrating each individual and encouraging them to become active participants in the communities where they live, work and play.